Wednesday, 25 January 2012

This past weekend was really great. My parents came over for a 2 day visit from Montreal. It was so nice to spend some time with mom and dad. I am such a family girl and I often miss my family and friends that are there. Sure I have met some amazing women who have become wonderful friends of mine but I still miss my oldies (ha ha , I said oldies). We didn't do anything spectacular, went shopping in China town, Kensington Market and stopped at some other great stores, including panacea (they are having 30% off right now) and starsky's for some great Polish candies ( my parents always pick some up for their friends and co-workers, especially the chocolate covered plums, they are sooooo amazing!). While we were in Panacea (health food store) we came across some friends that my hubby and I made at the vegetarian fair about a year a half ago- Julie and Patrick (if you are reading this, hi guys!). After talking to them for a while and finding out that they went to India we were sold. That is how we decided to go. So let me tell you about India.

The hubby and I have always loved the Indian culture -the people, the colours, the music and especially the food (amazing restaurant on Queen street called Little India, we actually went there for dinner on Saturday evening with my parents) and we have always talked about maybe going to India for a trip. But you know how it, you talk and talk about it but you never do it. Well it all changed after meeting Julie and Patrick. When they started sharing their stories about India, Conrad (that's my hubby's name by the way) and I just fell in love even more.  One day I started searching online for good deals on flights to India and guess what? There was an AMAZING DEAL that we just couldn't say no to. So in that spare moment, we lookout our visa card and paid for a trip to North India - Rajasthan region. When we told our parents they were so surprised and excited at the same time ( I think they were also a little scared for us, but I guess that's normal). Our friends were also surprised by our decision to go to India: Why are you going to India for? they would say. Because we love everything about it!

So the trip lasted 15 days with 2 of those days being for travel ( 19hours going there and 21 hours coming back, I'm sure you can imagine that this was a lot of fun especially with my 6'4 husband sitting right next to me). We were very eager to see as many different places so we went to Delhi, Agra, Pushkar, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jairpur and Jesulmer. That's right, 7 cities in well 13 days. Crazy I know!!!! I have to let you know that we did not plan anything during our trip except for the first night's stay! that's right, we went to India with NO PLANS, except for knowing which cities we wanted to see. Driving from the airport in Delhi to our hotel was the SCARIEST moment in my entire life. I honestly thought I was going to die. Yes, die. The driver was going left and right, with no signals, at very high speed and my thought were  that I am going to die in India, of all places, India. That evening we also rickshaws and I told Conrad that we are not going to use those during our entire trip- no seatbelt, no doors, everything opened, crazy drivers. And guess what happened? We ALWAYS used the rickshaws and actually loved them!

Since I don't want to make my posts too long, I am going to write the continuation of our Indian trip next time. Don't worry, I will write tomorrow.

Here are some pictures of India to entice you to come bak and read

Taj Mahal in Agra


Royal's rickshaw

Indian architecture

market place

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