Monday, 30 January 2012

India- Jaipur & Pushkar

Oh India, how I miss your craziness. Our next two cities are Jaipur and Pushkar. Jaipur is a vibrant pink city with beautiful palaces to visit-we visited quite a few that I can't remember all of them. While Jaipur was a nice place to visit, Pushkar was one of my favorite cities to see and stay.

It's a very religious city  and as a result do not allow any vehicles so it was nice and quiet, at least quieter than other cities. Pushkar has an amazing market where you can buy so many things- that's where we bought most of our gifts for family and friends and for ourselves, plus its a great place to haggle. The people in Pushkar were some of the nicest we have met during our entire stay in India, very friendly and they didn't stare at you. There are so many things to do in Pushkar, shopping, visit the temples which are absolutely breathtaking ( there is one that is on top of the mountain that is being graded by monkeys and goats, I'm not joking!). The food was also amazing, there was once restaurant that we liked a lot and we ate all our dinners there ( 3nights). The best was their garlic roasted eggplant- amazing, I can still taste it! Breakfast was also really good, we found a place that was completely vegan and the chef made amazing baked good that were prepared on an oven that is heated naturally so the goodies were really amazing. Pushkar was a great break from all the craziness that we went through so far and it also made us see the beauty that India has to offer.

inside one of the many palaces- wall made of mirrors

just like in the movies- music and snake

one of the great "stores" in Pushkar

one of the temples in Pushkar

just some of the monkeys that were guarding the temple

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