Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My first post

Hi, my name is Julie. I love to read other people's blogs and I thought I would try it out. I wanted to name my blog something unique and fun but I couldn't think of anything creative so I decided to name it after what I am going to be sharing with you, my life and what I love about it: food, family and reality.

Let me tell you about myself. I was born and raised in beautiful Montreal, Quebec and moved to Toronto, Ontario about 5 years now. I moved to Toronto because there are more opportunities here for my type of jobs and because my husband is from here and he speaks very little french. He tried taking classes but it didn't work out! Oh, have I mentioned that my hubby is vegan (pronounced VEE-GAN not VA-GAN- he can't stand it when people call it the wrong way)? That makes life more interesting in different perspectives which I will write about. My family and friends all thought I was crazy for falling for a guy who doesn't eat meat (any type, including fish), eggs and dairy. But as we all know, LOVE IS BLIND  and we have now been together for over 5 years and married for over 2.

2011 was a big year for us, we started the year by going to India. We love the food and the culture so we decided to go for 2 weeks. What an eye opening experience!  I will share some stories in the future. We also bought our first home which we are renovating! Anyone who has gone through renavations understands what I'm about to say: AAAHHHH, WHAT AM I GETTING MYSELF INTO? More on that as well.

Well, I think that's enough for my first post.
Take care for now

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